Anne-Marie is an outstanding executive coach. She listens with empathy, but also pushes you when necessary to set goals and achieve your potential. She understands high performance environments. Her professionalism, trustworthiness, and the way she combines analytic ability with a high level of emotional intelligence set her apart.

Jeff Jackson, Partner and Sports Agent – Orr Hockey Group, Lawyer, Former NHL player

Anne-Marie’s coaching gives you the opportunity to get a deep insight in the complexities of your individual personality and helped me hone a more effective leadership style. Conducting a large orchestra is the ultimate leadership challenge, with so many players and moving parts. Anne-Marie offers ideas and strategies on how to find your own voice, strengthen your strengths and step by step meet your full potential.

Johannes Debus, Music Director and Conductor, Canadian Opera Company

I met Anne-Marie at a workshop held by the University of Toronto for Women in Science. As a PhD student, I was compelled to attend this event for a greater understanding of those skills vital to a high potential career: networking, communication, self-conduct and other issues that are not discussed in academia. Although my expectation was modest, I was quickly impressed by Anne-Marie’s professionalism and the value of the content provided. Anne-Marie is highly motivated (and motivating!), confident and knowledgeable which easily came across through her ability to engage with the attendees both through her presentation and her anecdotes of real-life situations. Anne-Marie created a non-intimidating environment which allowed for easy discussion amongst the students which I found very valuable as we were able to express questions and concerns about being a “woman in science,” including a powerful group discussion about imposter syndrome. Anne-Marie stayed on for a networking session after the workshop where she answered many students’ questions one-on-one, lending a kind, attentive ear and then providing advice or conversation. Ultimately, due to Anne-Marie’s ability to conduct a successful, engaging workshop, I have a renewed confidence in my goal of a high potential career in science and in the skills that will help get me there.

Sasha Weiditch, Researcher and Doctoral Candidate in Chemistry, University of Toronto

Coming from a scientific background, my style of writing and presenting myself was drastically different from the way it is expected in business. Anne-Marie coached me on skills related to the transition to the business world and worked with me to turn my academic CV into a proper business resume and cover letter. She has helped me to understand the mindset required, and has set the foundation for me to succeed outside of academia.

Yevgeni Kissin, PhD in Astrophysics, University of Toronto

In the Fall of 2015, I contacted Anne-Marie to help facilitate a Leadership Workshop in collaboration with the Women in Chemistry Initiative at the University of Toronto. What impressed me the most was that Anne-Marie was willing to personalize the workshop content in order to satisfy our needs. She was very helpful during this process, providing many great suggestions. It was a pleasure to work with Anne-Marie, as it is clear that she is passionate about the promotion of women in STEM fields.

Christine Le, PhD Chemistry University of Toronto

I can not thank Anne-Marie enough for helping me while I transitioned into a new phase of my life. I recently moved back to Canada after being abroad for decades. The combination of a new city with few contacts and a big gap in my resume made my prospects seem dismal. I was stuck with how to find my way. Anne-Marie encouraged me to clarify what I needed to focus on specifically and most importantly she helped me break down the tasks so I could take action. When I had doubts or hit a road block, instead of wasting time deciding what to do next Anne-Marie was there to set me back on course. That guidance and support accelerated the process and now I am employed in my chosen profession within a matter of months.

Ruth Maxwell, Hopson Grace, Toronto